Parks Ambassador Program

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What is the Ambassador Program?

A volunteer-driven organization of committed community members who assist with Parks & Recreation Division services, special events, programs, and advocacy for the City of Green. Volunteers are recruited and trained to provide information to park visitors, serve as a visual presence in the parks to promote responsible stewardship, advocate for the City of Green, and distribute relevant information in our local public parks. The volunteer ambassadors are adults of any age who are willing to participate in an interested and professional manner. 

The Ambassador Program is a unique volunteer service seeking to further connect our park users with the entire park system. Teens may participate in group volunteer activities with parental consent without an advocate. 

Volunteer ambassadors choose city parks, facilities, or programs/events where they are most comfortable to assist or disseminate helpful information if asked, patrol trails and walking paths, check facility rentals, or assist with programs or events.

Our Goals

The goal of the project is to increase community ownership and promote natural resource stewardship within the parks system; and to assist in maintaining and enhancing our operation to a level in which we have been accustomed through a network of community resources.

Ambassador Opportunities

All applicants for the Ambassador Program are required to undergo a thorough background check. As an ambassador of Green Parks & Recreation you, will have identifying apparel; must be friendly, willing to engage with others, reliable, dependable, and willing to learn. The ambassador opportunities include (but not limited to):

  • Photography 
  • Walking Trail Patrol 
  • Events (Representative)
  • Programs (& Site Ambassador/Representative)
  • Facility/Park 
  • First Tee Instructor
  • Naturalist Educator
  • Dog Park 
  • Splash Pad
  • Habitat (Invasive Species) 

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Ambassador Handbook

Please review the Ambassador Program handbook for additional information requirements.

Ambassador Program Handbook 2021 (PDF)

Apply Online

Parks Ambassador applications will open Spring 2022. If interested in the program, please sign up to receive additional information here.