Mental Health Resources

Covid-19 Resources, Green together.
COVID Care Line 1-800-720-9616

COVID CareLine: 1-800-720-9616

Mental health assistance programs and resources.

Mental Health Help Resources

Ohio Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services
Find information regarding COVID-19 related stress and mental health issues. Find the facts, manage stress, and contact a professional. Mental Health and Addiction Services website

Coping With Anxiety from the Ohio Department of Health
For individuals or families looking to reduce anxiety or help others who may have COVID-19 related anxiety. Coping With Anxiety
Federal programs on how to get immediate help, help for veterans and their families, and health insurance and mental health services.

National Institute of Mental Health
Get help in a crisis, find a healthcare provider or treatment, and learn more about mental health disorders. National Institute of Mental Health

CDC COVID-19 Stress
The Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s guidance on dealing with COVD-19 related stress and coping. CDC’s website.

Green Local Schools Mental Health Information
Mental health resources for students are parents. Green Local Schools website.

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration
Continue your road to recovery during quarantine. A list of virtual recovery programs, support, and resources for those recovering from addiction. SAMHSA Virtual Recovery (PDF)

Mental Health, Addiction and Recovery Services Family Toolkit

Nationwide Children's Resource on How to Talk to Children About Current Events