Diversity, Inclusion and Equity

Citizens for Diversity, Inclusion and Equity strives to promote, encourage and celebrate a community where all feel welcome and included. 

Our Vision: a City where all residents feel appreciated, involved, heard, understood, connected, supported and embraced for our differences and have equal opportunities to thrive. 

Our Mission: Promote intentional efforts leading Green to become a place where:

  • We embrace, appreciate, and celebrate our differences;
  • The diverse fabric of our community is engaged in all facets, including government, businesses, and civic organizations and leadership of those organizations, in turn, reflects all aspects of our community;
  • All feel welcomed for who they are and valued for the uniqueness we all bring to the table; 
  • Barriers are removed that may discourage all residents from reaching their full potential. 


•    Steering & Advisory: sharing our mission, visions and goals with the community

•    Outreach: identify ways to make existing events and activities more inclusive

•    Education: expand the initiative to incorporate Green Local Schools  


Last Saturday of the month
9 a.m.
Central Administration Building, 1755 Town Park Blvd.
*NO MEETING February 29. All committee members are encouraged to attend the Celebration of Education at Green High School. 

All are invited to attend. For those interested in getting involved, contact Councilman Rocco Yeargin for more information.