2020 Parks Master Plan

The City of Green Parks and Recreation Master Plan is intended to help meet the needs of current and future residents by positioning Green to build on the community’s parks and recreation assets and identify new opportunities. The citizen-driven plan establishes a clear direction to guide city staff, advisory committees, and elected officials in their efforts to enhance the community’s parks and recreation services and facilities.

Online Parks Master Plan Survey

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MindMixer Virtual Activities

We miss meeting you in person, but still need to hear your ideas to improve Parks and Recreation in Green

The City of Green is currently in the process of developing a ten-year Parks and Recreation Master Plan.  We have received great response from the online survey. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we are missing the opportunity to meet with Green residents in person. The City had planned to conduct public open houses to invite residents to participate in a series of fun exercises to identify your needs and preferences.  Since we cannot meet in person, we will try to conduct some of the same processes online through the project MindMixer site which can be found at the following address - GreenParks.MindMixer.com

This site will allow you to:

  • Tell us what you miss most about your parks during the Covid-19 pandemic,
  • Identify your favorite activities in Green Parks,
  • Vote with dollars on the types of improvements you would like to see,
  • Identify your ideas for improvements to parks, trails, natural areas, programs, and events,
  • Identify your vision for the future of parks in Green,
  • Share photos of your favorite places in Green Parks,
  • Respond to suggestions by others,

The site does require a sign-in so we can update you on the results and progress on the Master Plan.  Thank you for sharing your ideas on Green Parks and Recreation. 

Visit the Green Parks MindMixer here.