Code Enforcement

While the Zoning Division is responsible for ensuring that structures are constructed in compliance with the Code, they also handle reports from residents, property owners, and business owners about possible nuisance conditions.

Zoning Code Violations

Below is a list of the most common code violations:

  • High Grass
  • Litter/Garbage & Debris
  • Junk/Inoperable Vehicles
  • Storage of RV’s/Campers/Boats
  • Property Disrepair

For more information on code violations check out the City’s Codified Ordinances

Violation Reporting 

If you have concerns about a possible violation or have general questions regarding zoning code violations contact the Zoning Division at 330-896-6605.

Policy and Procedure Regarding Public Records Request and Release of Identity of Complainant for Zoning Code Violations (PDF)