Pavement Management Program


Construction on this project began May 2, 2022.

Area/Roads Scheduled for Resurfacing:

Killinger / Spikerman*
Alpine Village*
Withering Heights*
Christman: from Mt. Pleasant to Comet
Walnut View* / Finley Homesite* / Far View*
Myersville Road: from 619 to the north corporate line
Town Park Blvd
Town Crossing

Resurfacing Process

The entire resurfacing process takes approximately 16 weeks depending on weather and construction sequencing. There are six stages to complete the construction. 

  1. The crew will begin by performing pre-resurfacing activities such as storm water sewer repairs. 
  2. Then they will remove a couple of feet of driveway surface material, which will be replaced at the end of the process with asphalt to provide a smoother transition between road and driveway. 
  3. Next, the roadway surface is milled. 
  4. The streets/subdivisions listed above with an * will be receiving a chip seal underlayer.
  5. The next step involves paving the asphalt roadway surface. 
  6. Once paving is complete, the contractor will come back and finish all remaining driveway apron work. Traffic will be maintained throughout the resurfacing project.

Stay up-to-date on specific resurfacing project construction via our text alert system, Green Alert. To get notifications related to project process in your area please text GREENOH to 99411. You will receive a link from this number, follow the link to complete your registration. To ensure you have the most relevant information please specify your address when registering for text alerts.


View the 2022 Pavement Resurfacing Map here (PDF)

2022 resurfacing map


The following roads were resurfaced in 2021.
View the 2021 Paving Program Map here (PDF).

2021 Pavement Management Program