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Cart Collection

Kimble Companies cart collection is taking longer than anticipated. Kimble has added extra crews to complete the pick up as soon as possible. Please leave your empty Kimble carts at the curb. 

Questions or concerns, please contact our Service Department at 330-896-4176.

Republic Services is contracted to be the City of Green's weekly trash collection and recycling service beginning April 1, 2021. 

Trash Service Options

The levels of service will be like what you had in the past. All services will be invoiced quarterly:  

Unlimited ($16.64/month) – Residents will receive a 96-gallon waste cart. Place your waste in the cart. Any extra waste may be placed in bags or bundles outside of the cart. Bulk collection is included.  

Limited ($15.97/month) – Residents will receive a 96-gallon waste cart. All of your waste must fit inside the cart with the lid closed. There will be an extra charge for waste set outside of the cart.  

Senior Citizen ($14.37/month) – This service is the same as the Limited Service with the exception that head of household residents over 65 years old will receive a discounted rate. The account name must be in the head of household’s name. Senior residents must contact Republic to request the rate.  

Bag Service – Low-volume generators may continue to purchase rolls of Republic Services bags for $3 per bag (in rolls of 10) by contacting Republic Services at 1-800-247-3644. There will be an extra charge for any material not fitting inside the bags.  Those with bag service may add weekly recycling for $6.47/month. 

Recycling – All residents signing up for the Unlimited, Limited and Senior Citizen service will receive a 65-gallon recycling cart, which will be collected weekly on the same day as your waste. 

  1. Service Department

    Phone: 330-896-4176

  2. Valerie Wax Carr

    Valerie Wax Carr

    Director of Public Service

Republic Services

Kimble Companies

Transition to Republic Service - Mid-March through Mid-April 2021

Republic Services Brochure (PDF)

Delivery of Republic Carts
Beginning March 11, Republic will begin to distribute your Republic carts -- one 96-gallon waste and one 65-gallon recycling cart.  Do not start to use these carts until after your final Kimble pickup at the end of March.  If you do not receive your cart before your Kimble cart is removed, please contact Republic at 800-247-3644.

Pickup of Kimble Carts
Kimble will pick up your Kimble waste and recycling cart through the first couple of weeks of April. Questions or concerns, please contact Kimble Companies at 800-201-0005 or the City of Green's Service Department at 330-896-4176.   

Service Requests
You do NOT need to contact Republic if you are maintaining your same service level. If you are choosing another service level (see levels), please contact Republic at 800-247-3644 after March 25, 2021. For those 65+, if you would like the senior pricing, you MUST contact Republic at 800-247-3644. 

Any Questions or Concerns
If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed by Kimble or Republic or our list of FAQs throughout this transition, please notify the City of Green Service 330-896-4176.

Republic Account Management

Residents may contact Republic beginning March 25, 2021 regarding your account.

Manage your level of service, report a missed pickup, or request additional service by contacting Republic at:

(800) 247-3644

Download the account management app:
Apple App Store
Google Play Store

Yard Waste Disposal

Yard waste materials consists of grass, clippings, leaves and twigs/branches.  

Yard waste can be disposed of in the following methods: 

  • Your trash container, bagged, or bundled just as now and in accordance to your service level. 
  • Yard waste can also be directly taken to the City’s yard waste facility at 5383 Massillon Road. Grass clippings should be separated from other yard waste. 
  • Grass clippings and leaves can be mulched in place which is the most environmentally friendly.  

A curbside yard waste program was considered; however, it was not accepted due to a large cost increases (adding this item would have increased the monthly cost to $22.27, a 61% increase, for a mandatory service, or $25.90, 87% increase for an optional service). The city will continue to review options. Our hope is that a separate, more affordable yard waste program can be developed at a later date.