Alarm Permits

The Finance Department issues alarm permits for the City of Green.

Curbing False Alarms

In an effort to curb false alarms, legislation was enacted requiring any home and/or business owner operating a security alarm system within the City of Green to obtain a permit. Business owners must also supply a site plan of the system with the Fire Division. The Ordinance requires the maintenance and servicing of alarm systems to avoid false alarms and unnecessary emergency response by police or fire personnel.

Regulation Enforcement

The Finance Department is responsible for administering the program and enforcing the regulations. There is no fee for the permit. Any person operating an alarm system without a permit is subject to citation and assessment of a $50 penalty for each false alarm notification. Failure to comply with regulations is a minor misdemeanor and could result in fines of up to $100 in addition to any other fees and requirements set forth in Codified Ordinance 1066.

Obtaining a Permit

To obtain an alarm permit, please read the alarm regulations prior to printing and completing the alarm permit application. Mail the completed and signed application to:
City of Green
c/o Finance Department
P.O. Box 278
Green, OH 44232-0278.

Alarm Permit Documents