Bayside Investments Planned Development

Project Details

  • C Cawrse, Cawrse and Associates
  • Location: Between I-77 and tabs Drive Conceptual
  • Site Plan and Rezoning
  • Status: Approved
Bayside Investments Planned Development (JPG)

Conceptual Site Plan

Applicant is presenting a conceptual site plan for Bayside Investment Group, which is seeking to develop 50.9 acres of land that lies between Tabs Drive and I-77 (former Miller Farm). The plan indicates a mixed-use development consisting of attached multi-family, single-family, and commercial uses. A similar plan was reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Commission at the January 18, 2017 meeting as a Discussion item (i.e. no action taken).

The rezoning request associated with this conceptual plan is for 50.9 acres of land from R-1, Single-Family Residential to PD, Planned Development.

Parcels of Land

The site, which consists of two parcels of land, is currently owned by the applicant. The main tract (40 plus acres) contains a single-family residence and is characterized by a wooded area to the north and agricultural fields to the south. An adjacent 5 plus acre parcel to the east is entirely wooded and vacant (see attached aerial). A pond, intermittent streams, and the majority of the wetland areas on site are found within the northern portion.


The site is bounded by I-77 to the north, the Akron Canton Corporate Park to the east/south, City of Green property to the south, and residential property to the west. The property currently has frontage on the south end of Molly Drive, which intersects with E Turkeyfoot Lake Road to the north.