Arlington Ridge Townhomes

Project Details

  • Location: 663-693 Moore Road
  • S Harrold, Spire Development
  • Site Plan Review
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Zoning: R-2
Arlington Ridge Townhomes (JPG)

Proposed Apartment Community

Applicant is proposing a 46-unit apartment community on the north side of Moore Road, directly west of the recently completed Reserve at Green Apartments. The site contains a total of 8.8286 acres of land, which is currently comprised of three existing parcels of land (each with a single-family residence) and a portion of an adjacent vacant parcel. All parcels are under common ownership at this time.

A lot of consolidation is required prior to final approval of the project (documents have been submitted for review). The proposed land use is permitted in the R-2 District.

Meeting Needs

This project is being developed as "workforce" housing, which is aimed at meeting the needs of working families by offering rents that are based on the Average Mean Income (AMI) of the area and is updated annually. To support this arrangement, the project has been awarded State of Ohio tax credits. Spire Development, with Fairfield Homes, would own the project and have responsibility for the tenant selection process.