Seco Machine

Project Details

  • D Aulger, Campbell Construction
  • Location: Southeast corner of Greensburg/Mayfair Roads
  • Site Plan Review
  • Status: Under Construction
  • Zoning: I-1
Seco Machine Rendering (JPG)

Proposed Project Area

Applicant is proposing an overall 119,948 SF office/warehouse/manufacturing facility for Seco Machine on the southeast corner of Greensburg and Mayfair Roads. The project consists of a 10,948 square feet office area, 92,200 square feet of manufacturing (metal fabrication) space, and 16,800 square feet of warehouse space. An outdoor storage area is also proposed at the rear of the facility. The proposed use is permitted in the I-1 District.

New Lot

The 11.6-acre site will be split-off from an existing 20.25 acre vacant parcel of land that is currently used for agricultural purposes. (Minor subdivision documents are forthcoming for review). The new lot would meet zoning requirements for lot area, width, and frontage. All building setbacks would comply. Building coverage of the lot would comply at 24% (33% maximum) and impervious surface ratio would comply at 46% (70% maximum).