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The City of Green is implementing beautification efforts in our public areas, Adopt a Spotwith an emphasis on the City’s parks. We are excited to announce an Adopt-a-Spot program designed to enhance specific areas within the Green parks system. Local groups, families, and residents are encouraged to become Adopt-A-Spot Stewards to plant and care for flowers in the chosen park areas.

Registration closed for 2019

How the program works: The City would purchase flowers for the given site.  The stewards would be responsible to plant, water and weed the site through the growing season (Approximately June- Sept).

Where are the planting sites: The City has selected safe, low traffic, family-friendly sites within our parks for planting.  The City has identified approximately 30 planting areas.  

Adopt-A-Spot locations for 2019 are:
Ariss Park
Boettler Park
Central Park
East Liberty Park
Greensburg Park
Kreighbaum Park
Spring Hill Sports Complex
Veterans/Community Park

What do the stewards get from volunteering: The steward group will gain the opportunity to bond with each other, perhaps learn a new skill, and participate in an environmental activity to improve the community. Steward groups can be a family, a club, a sports team, a civic group, just to name a few. Best of all, the care of these flower sites will bring color and beauty to our park system for others to enjoy.  Each steward group will be recognized with a sign at their planting site.

When would the planting take place: The City would provide a timeframe in which the flowers could be picked up after Memorial Day. 

To be part of this community partnership program, registration is closed for 2019.

If you are interested or have questions about participating, please contact the Director of Public Service office at (330) 896-4176.