Law Director

Lisa Carey Dean is the City of Green’s first elected Law Director.  As such, she is the attorney for the City of Green responsible for providing legal advice to the City’s Mayor and Council in their official duties.


The Law Director is the legal advisor on all legal matters coming before the City and also represents or directs the representation of the City in all litigation, cases, or suits involving the City. In addition, the Law Director is responsible for preparing or reviewing all contracts, ordinances, resolutions, and other documents or instruments as required by the Mayor and City Council.

The Law Department is also responsible for the application of tax exemptions on real estate owned by the City.


Lisa is a Principal with Roderick Linton Belfance, LLP.  She has more than 20 years of experience handling complex matters involving business valuations, real estate transactions, and financial matters for her clients in Summit County and the surrounding counties. 

Lisa’s additional service in public office includes as Judicial Attorney in the Summit County Domestic Relations Court, as Magistrate in the Mayor’s Court for the City of Cuyahoga Falls, and as Law Clerk to both the Summit County and Portage County Prosecutor’s Offices.

Community Commitment

In recognition of her character and skill in her profession, Lisa has been selected by her peer attorneys as Fellow of both the Ohio Bar Association and the Akron Bar Association. She is active and involved in a number of other such organizations committed to improving our community.

She lives in Green with her husband and enjoys taking their 6 grandchildren out on their boat in the Portage Lakes.  

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