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Fire Inspectors

The Fire Inspector is responsible for inspecting interiors and exteriors of buildings to detect hazardous conditions or violations of the Ohio fire codes. Inspectors discuss violations and unsafe conditions with a facility representative, make recommendations, and give classes in fire safety practices and fire extinguisher use. If needed the Fire Inspector issues permits and summons, and enforces fire codes through the Ohio Fire Code and Ohio Fire Marshal's Office.The Fire Inspector prepares reports, such as inspections performed, code violations, and recommendations for eliminating fire hazards.

Additional Responsibilities

Green Fire Division's Inspections and Investigations office is responsible for investigating and inspecting new businesses in the City before opening.

Fire Investigations

Following a fire, firefighters are called in to determine the cause. Their investigations include collecting evidence, interrogating witnesses, and studying the sites of fires. Fire investigators commonly work with the Summit County Sheriff's office. If a fire investigator's investigation leads them to suspect arson, then they work with Summit County Sheriff's to investigation units to identify the guilty party.