Ambulance Billing

City of Green Division of Fire Ambulance

Transportation Fee

Any person, transported by the City of Green's Division of Fire personnel, will be charged an ambulance transport fee. City of Green residents and taxpayers within the City will not be required to pay any deductible or co-pay required by their insurance.

Questions regarding the billing amounts and invoices should be directed to our billing company, LifeForce Management by calling 800-770-4767. Other questions regarding receipt of payment or other issues should be directed to the Finance Department by calling 330-896-6603.

Signature Requirement

To ensure bill insurance companies, a signature is required at time of service. If a signature is not able to be obtained at the time of service, LifeForce Management on behalf of the City of Green, will send a form to obtain a signature (or the signature of a designee). Delay in signing and returning this can delay funding for the Fire Division.

Signature forms may be mailed directly to:
City of Green
Finance Department
P.O. Box 278
Green, OH 44232-278