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Walk with the Mayor on National Trails Day, June 4

Walk with the Mayor on National Trails Day, June 4
Begins at 10:00 am - Ends at 11:00 AM

Mayor Gerard Neugebauer invites all residents to join him on Saturday, June 4, Steese Road Multi-purpose TrailNational Trails Day, to walk a section of the new Steese Road multi-purpose trail at 10 a.m.

Meet in the parking lot of the Green Middle School just before 10 a.m.  The walk will step off at 10 a.m. and head west along the new Steese Road Multi-purpose trail to its west end at the entrance to Greenwood Drive and back to the middle school.   Those who wish to continue on with the mayor to the parking lot of Central Park, 1795 Steese Road, are invited to do so where he will spend a few minutes pointing out the features of Green’s 10th park that is currently under construction.