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Historic Lichtenwalter Schoolhouse Update

An Update on the Historic Lichtenwalter Schoolhouse
from Mayor Gerard NeugebauerSchoolhouse at Boettler

I would like to thank the hundreds of people from our community who have reached out to the City to express their appreciation for the Lichtenwalter Schoolhouse and their support to restore this local treasure. 

An update (posted Tuesday, August 23)

The State Fire Marshall has completed their investigation of the site, and our assessment and evaluation for the next steps has begun.   Over the weekend, a structural engineer assessed the building on its structural integrity and the viability of reconstruction.    His initial assessment is that the walls are sound enough to rebuild, although we are still waiting for his final written report with details.    In addition to this report, we are also gathering information from building and historic reconstruction experts to assist us in fully understating the true costs of rebuilding.  

The structure was insured, and we are currently working with our insurance company regarding the claim.  In the upcoming weeks and months, we will be asking for community involvement and feedback to determine if rebuilding the schoolhouse is best for our community.    More immediately, we will be asking City Council to allocate funds to begin clean-up of the debris and shore up the walls to prevent collapse.     

As you can tell, we are just beginning a long process of determining the possibility of restoration.   We truly appreciate all those who have offered their expertise to this point and look forward to the community’s input and feedback on this project moving forward.