Land Development Code

Land Development Code

The Land Development Code was adopted by City Council October 27, 2009 and provides guidelines and standards for residential, commercial and industrial development within the City of Green.

The Land Development Code is divided into ten (10) chapters:

Chapter 1222: General Provisions

Chapter 1223: Development Approval Authority

Chapter 1224: Development Review Procedures

Chapter 1225: Zoning Districts

Chapter 1226: Use Regulations

Chapter 1227: Site Development Standards

Chapter 1228: Planned Development Regulations

Chapter 1229: Development Standards

Chapter 1230: Violations and Penalties

Chapter 1231: Definitions and Rules of Construction


While these chapters provide useful information when beginning the process for land use projects, the Planning Department requires that all applicants schedule a preapplication conference with a member of the staff prior to the submission of an application.


Please calling the Planning Department at 330.896.6614 to address any questions.


Please call us at 330-896-6614 for more information.