Rain Barrel Workshop & Auction

Save the Date!

2014 Rain Barrel Workshop

Saturday, March 15, 2014 @ 10:00am

Doors Open at 9:00am for the Silent Auction!

Central Administration Building
1755 Town Park Blvd., Green, OH 44685

Painted Rain Barrels will be on display in Council Chambers beginning Monday, March 3.
Silent auction begins Monday, March 3 at 9:00am.

What is a Rain Barrel?

Rain BarrelA Rain Barrel harvests the rain that falls on your roof. You can then use that rain water to water your garden or to wash your windows or car! Did you know that lawn and garden watering make up nearly 40% of total household water use during the summer? Using a rain barrel properly will reduce your water and sewer bills. The use of a rain barrel also aids in slowing down the storm water and helps to prevent flooding and water pollution.

Why are rain barrels important? When it rains, storm water runoff flows directly to our streams and lakes. Often this water carries pollutants that it picks up along the way. The pollution that results from storm water runoff is called non-point source pollution. This is the leading source of water pollution in the nation today. The most common pollutants originate in our own yard. They include pet waste, sediment, fertilizers, automotive fluids and pesticides. Rain barrels are an easy, practical way to control excess storm water and reduce the negative effects of pollution. Having a rain barrel helps to conserve our most precious resource….water!

Benefits of a Rain Barrel

  • Conserve precious water
  • Help prevent non-point source pollution
  • Improve groundwater quality
  • Help prevent erosion
  • Help prevent flooding
  • Attractive landscape feature
  • Save money on water and sewer bills
  • Provide soft water for plants

Download our Do’s and Don’ts document to the right for easy care and maintenance tips for your rain barrel.

Rain Barrel Map

Using a rain barrel is one of many ways to be “Living Green”. Check out all of the locations in Green who have installed a rain barrel! If you have installed a rain barrel and would like to be included on the map, email Chrissy Lingenfelter (clingenfelter@cityofgreen.org) with your address and optionally, a picture of the installed rain barrel.

View Rain Barrels in a larger map