2015 Public Health Survey

Summit County Public Health is gathering input from its constitutents from November 2015 - Janaury 2016.  Results of the survey will be published in April 2016.

Purpose of Survey
The PACE-EH process in Summit County is two-fold; address significant environmental health disparities and mitigate these disparities through priorities for action and to establish the foundation for a county-level environmental health annual report. The goal of the community survey is identify the environmental health concerns of Summit County residents.

Summit County Public Health would like to identify the needs of Summit County residents. Your input is very important to us because it helps us understands the concerns and needs of our residents. Once we have received feedback from the community, we plan to prioritize the concerns and create action plans to begin addressing the concerns of our residents. Environmental health is defined as the natural and built environment that affects human health. 

Take the Survey Online (via Survey Monkey)

PDF of Survey
Please print out, complete, and mail to:

Minette C. Wilson
1867 W. Market St.Akron, OH 44313