• Heckman Road at Railroad Crossing Closed Wednesday, June 28 - Friday, June 30 for repairs.
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2016 Construction Projects

The following roads are slated for repaving this year.   To receive construction updates, please sign up for our enewsletter.

Massillon Road Improvement Projects -- Fall 2016

Construction of the following three projects will be completed this fall.  Construction began August 29, 2016 and is anticipated to be completed in two months. 

  1. Remove Island at Corporate Woods Circle (Between GetGo and Shops of Green).*   Removal of the island to create a second, dedicated left turn lane.  Once complete there will be a dedicated left turn lane, a left turn lane/through lane, and a dedicated, right turn lane. 
  2. Addition of Dedicated Right Turn Lane on Massillon onto Boettler Road.  Creation of a new right turn lane on Massillon Road onto Boettler Road.
  3. Resizing the island on Massillon Road approaching I-77 intersection. The island will be resized and the lanes on Massillon Road northbound will be realigned to better line up with the stacking lanes at I-77 northbound (under the I-77 bridge).

*The signal at this intersection is slated to be updated in late fall to accomodate these new improvements.  This project will be completed in November.



  • Cottage Grove from Caston to SR619
  • Boettler Road from Arlington to Massillon Road
  • Pickle Road from Springfield to SR619
  • Forest Lake Drive
  • Raintree Subdivision Phase 1
  • Robin’s Trace
  • Greenwood Commons

Street map of Green.

Steese Road and Shriver Multi-Purpose Trails

Completed in mid-May, an 8-foot wide concrete multi-purpose trail was constructed on the north side of Steese Road from the Green Intermediate School west to Greenwood Drive.   The Shriver Road Multi-Purpose Trail is also an 8-foot wide concrete and agreggate surface trail that extends from the sidewalk on the east side of Shriver to King Drive.