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Completed Projects

2015 Completed Engineering Projects

Lauby Road and Greenburg Road.  Completed the two-season project of resurfacing Lauby Road and constructing a roundabout at the interestion of Greensburg and Lauby Road.

Resurfacing Projects

  • Wise Road from Mayfair to Massillon
  • Cottage Grove from Caston to SR 619
  • International Parkway Blvd.
  • Nimisila from Greensburg to Arlington
  • Tabs Drive
  • Stoner/Comet to Christman
  • Mayfair Lakes neighborhood
  • Meadow Wood neighborhood

2014 Completed Engineering Projects

Resurfacing of the following roads:

  • Moore Road
  • Sweiter Road
  • Wise Road from Mayfair east to east corporate line

Lauby Road and the Intersection of Greensubrg Road and Lauby Road
Construction began in early July 2014.  This project will include the widening of Lauby Road with adequant berm lane widths and the addition of lighting.  The intersection of Lauby and Greensburg will be improved with a roundabout.  See current projects for more details.

Design Phase of the Massillon Road North of I-77.  See project page for details.

2013 Completed Engineering Projects

Global Gateway 
Completed in July 2014, Global Gateway opens up more than 140 acres of development land. Lots in 5 to 60 acres are available.  

Arlington Ridge East
Reconstruction of Arlington Ridge East between the Taco Bell and McDonalds.

West/East Turkeyfoot Lake Road/SR619
ODOT resurfaced the entire stretch of East Turkeyfoot Lake Road through Green.

Heckman Road
Resurfaced Heckman Road.

Greensburg Road

Resufraced the entire length of Greensburg Road in Green with the exception of an area near Masillon Road and a section by Lauby Road.

Steese/Shriver Road
Reconstructed Steese Road to include a center turn lane from the roundabout to Shriver Road.  Repaved the entire length of Shriver Road.  Added sidewalks and lighting to the project area on Steese Road and from Steese Road to the Portage Lakes Career Center on Shriver Road.

2012 Completed Engineering Projects

Arlington Road under I-77 bridge.
Due to the extremely warm temperatures in the summer of 2012, the roadway under the I-77 bridge on Arlington buckled created a rough surface. The City repaired the subsurface and repaved this entire section in August 2012.

Caston Road Resurfacing and Widening with Hike/Bike Lanes

A final top coat, grading and landscaping was completed in the spring of 2012. In 2011, the road was widened to include six-foot hike and bike lanes on both sides of the roadway from Arlington Road to Main Street, adding another two miles of hike/bike lanes to our city.

Arlington Road Corridor Project
(SR 619/Arlington Road Intersection, Widening of Arlington Road)
A final top coat was installed in June 2012 to complete this two season project, which included widening the intersection of Arlington Road and SR 619; widening Arlington from Liberty Green Drive to I-77; rerouting Jarvis Road to Arlington Ridge Drive; and widening the intersection of Moore Road and Arlington.

Franks Parkway at Heritage Crossings
A new road was built this year as an extension of Boettler Road to the east of Massillon into the new Heritage Crossings development. The road, Franks Parkway, was named in honor of the Franks family. The road is being constructed by developer CAM, Inc. and opened in June. Remaining entrance construction and intersection design is expected to be completed in November.

2011 Completed Engineering Projects

Arlington Road Resurfacing Project -- South of September Drive
Completed October 7, 2011. Resurfed three parts of Arlington Road south of September Drive including some culvert work.

Town Park Boulevard Extension
Completed Fall 2011. Town Park Boulevard was extended approximately 1/4 mile to the east of Massillon Road to provide access to the new Akron General Emergency Department and Health and Wellness Center.

2010 Completed Engineering Projects

Massillon Road Sanitary Sewer Project
Completed August 2010. A sanitary sewer improvement project along Massillon Road between Stake Drive and Wise Road.

Massillon Road Resurfacing
Completed Fall 2010. With the Ohio Department of Transportation as project manager, a majority of Massillon Road was repaved including: from the northern City limits south to Graybill Road; from Green's southern corporate boundary north to Koons Road; and Stake Drive (just south of Greensburg Road) to Wise Road.

Koons Road Culvert Replacement

2009 Completed Engineering Projects

Roundabout at Steese and Massillon Roads
Completed August 2009. See the roundabout in action, view the live web cam.