• Design Review Board The Design Review Board meeting on November 2, 2016 has been cancelled. The next regularly scheduled meeting will be held Wednesday, December 7, 2016. For more information please call 330-896-6614.
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Each year the City offers Businesses, Individuals and Groups an opportunity to sponsor our beautification sites. The sponsorships are $300.00 ‐ $600.00 each with the funds being used to defray the cost of flowers, mulch, planting and maintenance. Each site listed below has been professionally designed, planted, and maintained.

Sponsorship will include a sign noting the name of the sponsor on the site.
Request for a particular beautification site is determined on a first come – first served basis.


Roundabout – South: Massillon/Steese
Roundabout – North: Massillon/Steese
Roundabout – West: Massillon/Steese
Median – North: Arlington/77
Median – South: Arlington/77
Median – North 1: Massillon/77
Median – North 2: Massillon/77
Median – South 1: Massillon/77
Median – South 2: Massillon/77
Median – North: Lauby/Greensburg Rds
Median – South: Lauby/Greensburg Rds
Median – North: Lauby/Mt. Pleasant Rds
Median – South: Lauby/Mt. Pleasant Rds
Median – North: Caston/Christman Rds
Median – South: Caston/Christman Rds
Median – North: Greensburg/Arlington Rds
Median – South: Greensburg/Arlington Rds
Greensburg Park
Boettler Park
John Torok Community Center

Sponsorship for the Cul‐De‐Sac at the City of Green Central Administration Building is $600.00.